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The Winchester Collection is an exclusive selection of fine jewellery, designed and handcrafted by Burrells. After 43 years of trading, Burrells opened their flagship store in the historic city of Winchester. An exclusive collection was created signifying this momentous occasion, and what better inspiration for a Burrells collection than the stores magnificent backdrop of Winchester Cathedral.

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When it comes to jewellery we believe it's about more than just diamonds, watches, and wedding rings, it’s about creating memories, cementing moments in time, and celebrating precious occasions. At Burrells we’re here to guide you through that process and help you make those moments in life extraordinary.

Meet with our Master Goldsmiths to discuss your vision for your own unique jewellery and chat through your ideas and possibilities. Here we’ll talk budget, measurements, and time frames.

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Winchester Collection

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Watch the in-depth collection review with our diamond expert Laura.

Alternatively, if you have been inspired by our unique Winchester Collection and would like to learn more about the possibilities to create the perfect piece for you, please contact us online or in store.