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We don't just sell an extensive range of luxury watches, we offer a first-class repair service to ensure you keep your watch in tip-top condition. Your watch should last you a lifetime but, in most cases, they will require a certain level of maintenance to stay in fine working order.

There is a multitude of repairs that can be carried out on site with our skilled watch repairers and there are instances where the watch will need to be sent back to the manufacturer to keep the guarantee in check. It’s worth checking what is covered by the manufacturers' guarantee when you purchase your watch.

We have a variety of useful videos and our watch blog - Timepiece - that will help you when trying to decide what do next if you think you watch needs a service or a more in-depth repair. We have a couple of videos on Omega and Breitling watch guarantees, as they work a little differently to other brands, plus our own in-house Burrells guarantees which should help you ascertain what to do next with your watch.


How does a watchmaker decide to repair your vintage watch? David, Certified Watchmaker at Tunbridge Wells, answers the big question; CAN VINTAGE WATCHES BE REPAIRED? Discover what elements of a broken watch David inspects when he begins a repair.