Pandora Collections

Pandora have multiple jewellery collections that have developed over the years, so it's important to understand the differences between their collections to allow you to buy the correct charms for your specific bracelet. 

Pandora Moments

Launched back in 2000, this is the largest of the Pandora collections with multiple bracelets and charms that are compatible with one another, meaning you can mix and match between the collection. With the bracelets starting at £55 in a range of sizes and the charms starting at £15, this collection is affordable for all and gives you a selection of metals to choose from, including sterling silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine. 

They're appropriately named 'Moments' as that's exactly what this collection embraces, personalising your bracelet by adding all your special and memorable moments, making it truly unique to you and your story. These particular bracelets tend to be most popular due to their capacity of 30 charms, depending on sizing, whereas some of the other, smaller collections are only able to hold 7.

Pandora Moments Bracelet

A Pandora Moments Bracelet

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Pandora Reflexions

The Reflexions collection is a thin, textured design charm bracelet, made for those who prefer a minimal, classic jewellery style. Brought to us in Autumn 2018, this collection focuses on sophistication and style, with all charms featuring a built in layer of silicone, ensuring they stay exactly where you want them on your bracelet at all times. 

Allowing you to reflect who you are and express your emotions, this range also comes in a variety of metals, sterling silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine, with charms all dainty and detailed ready for your selection. Similarly to the Moments collection, the bracelets start at £55 and the charms £15, so the decision lies fully with the design element of the bracelet and what will suit the wearer more. 

Pandora Reflexions

A Pandora Reflexions Bracelet

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Pandora Me

The newest collection of them all is Pandora Me, bracelets and charms designed to express your creativity and personalities by showing off the things you love in a playful, colourful and symbolic way. It's the smallest collection, in both size and range, made up of minimalist micro dangle charms which have grown in popularity since the launch in 2019. 

This specific collection is of slightly lower cost with bracelets starting at £45 and charms starting at £7 and is currently only available in the sterling silver metal. The petite charms are made up of a mixture of shapes and sizes and don't have ascribed meanings, giving the idea that you as the wearer can decide what the symbols mean to you.  

Pandora Me

A Pandora Me Bracelet

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