We offer a complimentary cleaning service in our stores, but here is some information to help you look after your jewellery at home.

We suggest that your jewellery receive periodic professional cleaning and checking by a professional jeweller. This is available at our stores, but for more information on the services offered see our Jewellery Services.

Care of Diamonds

General Care

Don't jumble your diamond pieces together because diamonds can scratch other jewellery and even each other. It's advisable to have your jewellery checked at least once a year for loose claws and wear to the setting.


Diamonds are dulled by skin oils, soap, cosmetics and cooking grease. Clean diamonds sparkle because the maximum amount of light can enter and return in a fiery brilliance. It takes a little regular care to keep them that way.

There are four ways to clear your diamonds:

Detergent Bath
Prepare a small bowl of warm suds with any mild liquid detergent. Brush the pieces with a small brush in the suds. Rinse thoroughly under running water. Pat dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

Cold Water Soak
Make a half and half solution of cold water and household ammonia in a cup. Soak the diamonds for 30 minutes. Lift out and use a small brush to free any dirt remaining. Swish in the solution once more and drain on paper. No rinse is needed.

The Quick-Dip Method
Buy one of the brand name jewellery cleaners with its kit and follow instructions (available at Burrells

Burrells Complimentary Cleaning Service
At Burrells we would be pleased to clean your jewellery for you.

Care of Gemstones

General Care

Wipe your precious gemstone jewellery thoroughly with a clean soft damp cloth after wearing. This will enhance the lustre. Store in a lined box or soft bag. Don't expose your gemstones pieces to salt water and harsh chemicals, e.g. chlorine or detergents. These chemicals may slowly erode the finish and polish of the gems. Skin oils, soap, cosmetics and cooking grease may cause jewellery to dull. Do not subject gemstone jewellery to sudden temperature changes. Although soap and water are the best cleaners for most gems and jewellery, they shouldn't be used for amber, coral, emerald, jade, kunzite, lapis lazuli, opal or turquoise.

Can We Help

There are so many different types of coloured gemstones, some of which require specific care and cleaning procedures; it would be impossible to list them all here. At Burrells we have experts who can advise you on your particular coloured gemstone and would be pleased to clean your jewellery for you.

Care of Gold Jewellery

General Care

Always separate your gold jewellery, and even separate earrings from a pair. This protects from scratching. Soap can cause a film to form on gold, making it appear dull. It is advisable to remove all your jewellery before washing up, bathing and showering or applying make up.


Use commercial jewellery cleaner (available at Burrells) or soap and water mixed with a few drops of ammonia. Brush with a soft brush. Rinse in warm water and dry. A soft chamois cloth is a good way to keep your gold jewellery lustrous and shining

Care of Pearls

General Care

Cultured pearls are relatively soft compared with other gemstones and precious metals, so it is important to take special care of your pearls to ensure they remain bright and beautiful. Apply cosmetics before you wear your pearls. Pearls are best kept in a soft lined box or bag and away from other jewellery. If you wear your pearls several times a week it is best to have them restrung about once a year. Experts recommend silk thread and knotting between each pearl.


Wiping your pearls with a soft damp cloth will help to keep them free from the effects of cosmetics and sprays. Never use detergents, chemicals, abrasives or solvents to clean your pearls.

Care of Silver Jewellery

General Care

More and more silver jewellery is rhodium plated and should not tarnish, but non-plated Sterling silver oxidises with time. If you treat silver well and care for it properly, it will reward you with a long life and lustrous look. Don’t wear silver in chlorinated water or when working with household chemicals.


To clean your smaller silver we recommend a commercial silver cleaner. Follow the instructions carefully. An impregnated silver polishing cloth will polish and help to protect your silver from tarnish. Cleaners and polishing cloths are available at Burrells. Rhodium plated silver can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.

We're here to help

At Burrells we have experts who can advise you on the care of your fine jewellery and watches. Our complimentary cleaning service is available for all items. Our experts will also be glad to help with battery changes and advise on the use of our cleaning products.