At Burrells we offer a full hand and machine engraving service on bangles, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, brooches, frames, cups, seal stamps and many more precious metal pieces.

If you need some help in deciding on the style please contact us.

Any items purchased on the site with engraving will be completed within 10 days.

Below you will find our full price list and font styles.


Hand Engraving

Inside of rings, Bangles, Napkin rings, etc. £30 per 10 letters
Yearly names and dates on Cup and Trophies £25 per 10 letters
Forename on small items £30 each
Inscription on similar items as above plus Pins/Trays, Bookmarks, Brooches etc. £30 per 10 letters
Forenames on any larger items £40 each
Inscription on larger items as above and including Salvers, Amada Dishes etc. £35 per 10 letters
Initials entwined on small items £15 each
Initials entwined on large items £30 each
Fancy lettering, leaf script, old English etc. £20 per initial
Plain initials £15 each
Plain initials on larger items £18 each
Heading up on Cups, Salves, Trophies, Metal Plates etc. £25 per 10 letters
Facsimiles of signature £40 each
Reverse seal engraving starts at £350

Machine Engraving

Up to and including 19 letters - £25
20 letters and above - £35