Deposit Payments

Why place a Deposit Payment

Deposit payments may be placed on items that are listed as deposit items. This can be confirmed with a sentence below the Add To Bag button and also with the How To Place A Deposit tab appear on the product page.

For items with waiting lists you may be added to the list with a minimum 10% deposit. The list is on a first come first served basis, if you'd like to know how many people we have on any of our waiting lists or an estimate of how long you may have to wait please contact us about the item in question.

Deposits can not be paid with finance, however the remaining 90% can be once that item is available.

How to place a Deposit Payment

To place the initial deposit we ask for at least 10% (although you can play the entire amount up front if you'd prefer). Add the item you'd like to place a Deposit on to your bag, this must be a deposit item, then during the checkout process enter the below code into the Discount Code field.

Deposit Payment

Once your deposit has been confirmed and the item is available we will ask for the final payment. Add the item to your Bag again and this time enter the code below to pay the remaining value.

Final Payment