Control measures to stop the spread of COVID19

This risk assessment is to be used in conjunction with the back to work presentation, updated safe system of works document, training videos and posters.

In Store

Hand washing to be done regularly. Staff to follow guidance on washing hands. Regular breaks for staff to wash hands. Disposable towels to be provided for drying hands. Hand sanitiser to be provided around the store.

Social distancing to be maintained at all times, as per government guidelines. Ensure all staff understand the requirement to stay a minimum of 1m between other staff and customers. Rotas to be done to ensure store is not over crowded with staff. Staff training to be provided on working back to back or side by side rather than facing each other. Customers limited to 2 per household unless care is required and position in a queue 1m apart.

Ensure all are informed of government guidelines. Posters to be printed and put in the store window, around the store and back of house.

One member of staff to act as host/cordinator.

Coughs and sneezes to be control. Training on Catch it, bin it, kill it. Tissues to be provided around the store. Covid waste bins with liners on shop floor.

Keep all areas clean. Deep clean of store before opening and once closed. Cleaning rota throughout the day, use bleach based products or alcohol wipes to clean all surfaces. Train staff on using bleach based products. COSHH training required for all staff.

PPE to be worn by staff. Staff to be provided with masks and gloves. Training provided on how to wear, remove and dispose of safely.

Staff to be advised that they can contact senior management directly on the details provided on posters.

Keys are not to be shared and are to be cleaned at the end of the day.

Closed bins to be placed around the store to capture any waste.

All employees have received training and are aware of the extra precautions in place.

Regular feedback is required to senior management to ensure the guidelines are being followed correctly.

All employees returning to work have completed a 'RETURN TO WORK' document to confirm it is safe for them to return to the workplace.

Back of house

Not to cross paths in hallways and staircase where social distancing can not be accommodated.

Deliveries to be controlled. Wear PPE while accepting a delivery. Driver is to drop delivery to the floor then step away. External packaging to be disposed of immediately.

Office equipment to be cleaned after every use with alcohol wipes.

Staff to store personal belongings in separate compartments/lockers.

Personal belongings not to be left in the store over night.


Food and drink only to be prepared by the individual eating or drinking it. Food is not to be shared.

Staff must bring in own crockery and cutlery. Not to be shared with other staff.

Remove all Handtowels and only use disposable towels to dry hands. Tea Towels to be washed daily in 60 degrees wash.


All staff to have been taking through the Back to work presentation and training and to have signed the declaration document.

Feeling ill

If staff feel ill or have any of the symptoms of Covid 19 they are to follow the precautionary steps which they have been advised.


Cleaning stations set up on entry and exit for customer to use hand sanitizer. Host trained on controlling station.

Customers to social distance from staff and other customers. Host to be trained on managing a queue that keeps customers 2m part from each other. Floor makers put down on where to stand. One way system in store. Maximum number of customers per store has been calculated. All staff to adhere to new rules of selling.

Cleaning wipes and disinfectant sprays to be provided to wipe down serving area, till area and objects the customer may have touched such as trays, PDQ's after every customer.

Product cleaning to take place after it has been touch or return to store.

Contractor visits

Contractors to agree a pre arranged set time. Social distancing to be observed. The area they are working on to be wiped clean before and after contractor use. Contractors encouraged to wear PPE while working on site, if safe to do so.

New external visitor policy to be followed.