Founded in 2002 by two brothers sharing the same passion for aviation and all things mechanical, Nick and Giles English embarked on creating precise pilots watches. Bremont timepieces are inspired by a love of flying historic aircrafts, of watches and mechanical mastery. Tested beyond the normal call of duty the watches in the core Bremont range are all chronometer rated and the Bremont are one of few companies offering a 3-year warranty on every product. Immensely precise, reliable and durable, Bremont watches are hand built in the UK in limited numbers.

Bremont The Battle of Britain Collection

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Bremont have produced an extra special, limited collection comprising of two timepieces inspired by two iconic aircrafts that defended the nation, the Spitfire and the Hurricane. Limited to only 80 sets, each box set will contain an incredible opportunity for each customer to fly in the symbolic aircraft of the major air campaign in 1940, the legendary Spitfire.

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Nick & Giles English inherited a great passion for beautifully crafted engineering from their father Euan English, a gifted ex-RAF pilot with a PHD in Aeronautical Engineering. As well as aircraft's, Euan also held a keen interest in mechanical timepieces and would often gift the two brothers an old clock for them to try and restore. The appreciation behind the mastery of watch making drove Nick & Giles to create exceptionally engineered mechanical devices and the passion lives on through the Bremont Watch Company.


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