Wedding rings for women

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Wedding Rings for Women

Starting with a famous cliché from Daphne Rose Kingma – “A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment; A promise, a pledge, and a vow.”

Your arrival here means, you are about to tie the knot with the love of your life and are in a position to decide how to make sure to select the best wedding ring for your beloved. 

Everything has been noted!

After doing a lot of research, compiling our entire list, considering women's style preferences, and most importantly, considering current wedding ring trends, we are here to help you buy wedding rings for women

Wedding Rings for Women

We understand how cumbersome the process of deciding on the right size, style and type of wedding ring for your future wife can be. However, as a groom-to-be, you have to consider the current trends, personality preferences of your lovely lady and of course the BUDGET.

Amidst all this turmoil, you would always want your woman to feel your love for her through the wedding ring you choose for her.

No more pressure, things will be sorted out after considering all these 5 things while choosing a wedding ring for her.

how to buy wedding ring for her guide

#5. It should fit snugly on her finger

Many grooms often believe that they have a good sense of the ideal size for their lady, but they face disappointment on the actual wedding day. We know you probably don't want to be one of them on your special day.

It's time to gain some knowledge about the ring size guide. Ring sizers are available; It's worth spending £1 - £2 on a ring sizer to decide the right ring size for your loved one.

If you just want to be precise, go together to a trusted jewellery shop and choose something that she really likes and that fits perfectly on her fingers.

If you want to surprise her, the best thing you can do is to measure her finger with a piece of thread while she is sleeping. However, there is nothing wrong with trying out a few rings to decide what comfort level she expects from them.

Women's wedding rings

Personal Note - Always check the size of the ring before buying it for her as changing the size is much more expensive and may also lose originality.


#4. Don't forget to include her lifestyle

Never ignore her lifestyle when choosing a wedding ring. Why so?

For example, your lady is a diver or sports lover and spends a lot of time outdoors or in water, in that case, it is advisable not to choose something too delicate for her. On the other hand, if she's a woman who works a 9 to 5 job in an office environment, you don't have to worry too much about choosing something for her, just be careful that the ring isn't too loose for her.

#3. Choose her favourite stone & setting

Even after knowing that, “Diamonds are a woman's best friend”, there exist some women who have a special place in their hearts for specific gemstones. Nowadays women like to wear rings which have a mixture of diamonds and gemstones.

The second thing is what type of metal you choose for the wedding ring. If you know she is allergic to a specific metal, be careful when choosing a ring. If there is something she doesn't like or she has had an unpleasant experience, it is better to ask her directly. If she loves vintage jewellery, choose something that has rose gold appeal.

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Extra tip – If she likes gemstones in wedding rings, use a neutral metal like platinum or white gold, to fulfil her fantasy of the dream wedding ring she expects from you.

#2. You should know what she likes

Recall memories, use your knowledge and imagine what makes her so happy and satisfied. If you think back to the days of buying an engagement ring for her, you probably have a little idea of what she really likes. Something that is close to her heart or something discussed when she said that she has a wedding ring that matches her engagement ring, or her desire to have a couple wedding ring. Take a guess, imagine her personality preferences and buy something that she will never forget for the rest of her life. 

#1. Don’t overlook the budget

Budget plays an important role. For example, you may feel a slight increase in budget, but sometimes it can exceed much more than you imagined. Creating a budget plan and sticking to it is the best way to stay in control when buying a wedding ring for her.

We understand that it's certainly easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of stunning wedding rings available to choose from. But before you make up your mind to purchase, make sure you can afford that piece of beauty.

Always consider additional charges such as engraving, resizing (if necessary), or adding stones to the design.

We know it is difficult for you not to choose something of your choice just because of budget constraints. But, it is worth exploring other options than getting into debt, yes?


Now there is no need to be confused because after considering these 5 things while buying wedding rings for women, you will definitely make a wise purchase.

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