Wedding Ring Trends for 2024

Top Wedding Ring Trends in 2024 for Modern Couples

Love stories deserve exceptional rings, and at Burrells, we curate a collection that transcends trends, offering something truly special for every discerning couple. Whether you seek the timeless elegance of pre-owned gems or the modern brilliance of brand-new designs, our selection caters to the most discerning tastes.

High-end Wedding Ring Trends 2024 for the Discerning Bride

Discerning brides in 2024 can embrace pre-loved luxury with unique histories, indulge in the artistry of Brown & Newirth's masterpieces, or explore Burrells' captivating designs in a symphony of metals.

wedding ring trends for brides in 2024

  • Embrace pre-loved luxury: Discover exquisite pre-owned pieces, imbued with unique histories and whispering tales of cherished love. Imagine a radiant emerald ring from yesteryear, its vintage charm echoing an era of timeless elegance.
  • Indulge in Brown & Newirth artistry: Explore the renowned craftsmanship of Brown & Newirth, where each ring is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted from 18ct yellow gold, platinum, or other precious metals.
  • Unveil Burrells' own magic: Immerse yourself in our exclusive collection, featuring captivating designs crafted by our skilled artisans. Explore a symphony of metals, from the warmth of 18ct rose gold to the cool sophistication of platinum.

To ensure you make an informed and thoughtful decision, we recommend reviewing our helpful guide outlining the 5 essential things to consider when selecting a women's wedding ring.

Wedding Ring Trends 2024 for Refined Grooms

For the refined groom in 2024, wedding rings become a canvas for personal expression. Discover quiet confidence in pre-owned treasures, their enduring quality whispering tales of past love. Embrace modern masculinity with bold geometric shapes and textures from Brown & Newirth, or forge a love story through the hammered ring. Choose a ring that speaks volumes, reflecting your unique journey.

wedding ring trends for grooms in 2024

  • Find elegance in pre-owned treasures: Discover pre-owned rings that exude a quiet confidence, each a testament to enduring quality and timeless design. Opt for a sleek platinum band with a subtle brushed finish, or a vintage-inspired design engraved with meaningful initials.
  • Embrace modern masculinity: Explore brand-new collections from Brown & Newirth, featuring bold geometric shapes and unique textures. Choose a brushed titanium band for a contemporary edge, or embrace the warmth of ethically sourced rose gold.
  • Express your love story: Customise your ring with a gold & platinum hammered ring, featuring perfectly paired bands.

According to the recent report, the pre-owned jewellery market doubles in size as sustainability and affordability become top priorities!

Wedding Ring Trends in 2024: & Onwards

In 2024 and beyond, your wedding ring journey starts with metal magic! Choose enduring warmth with 18ct gold or icy cool platinum. Dazzle with ethical diamonds - classic brilliant, modern princess cuts, or captivating clusters. From classic bands to sculpted shapes, find your perfect match, a ring as unique as your love story.

wedding ring trend in 2024 and onwards

  • Metal marvels: From the enduring brilliance of 18ct yellow gold to the cool elegance of platinum, explore a variety of precious metals to suit your unique style.
  • Diamond delights: Discover radiant princess cuts, timeless round brilliants, and captivating multi-stone designs, each ethically sourced and sparkling with brilliance.
  • Ring styles to cherish: Choose from an array of styles, from classic wedding bands to intricate clusters and shaped rings, finding the perfect match for your personality and preferences.

We predict to see even more couples opting for mixed metal combinations, like gold and platinum, & rose gold and platinum, in 2024, reflecting a desire for individuality and modern expression!


Beyond the ring, a commitment to excellence:

At Burrells, we understand that your wedding rings are more than just beautiful objects; they are symbols of a love story meant to last a lifetime. That's why we offer not only exceptional pre-owned gems and brand-new designs but also the expertise and guidance to help you find the perfect rings that resonate with your hearts.

Visit our esteemed boutiques or explore our curated online collections to discover a world of possibilities. Our expert consultants are waiting to guide you through the journey of finding the perfect rings, crafting a legacy of love that shines as brightly as your commitment.

Can't find your perfect match in our collection? Worry not! Burrells offers Bespoke Jewellery Services, turning your unique vision into a stunning reality. Craft a ring that reflects your love story, personality, and dreams, ensuring it truly embodies your happily ever after.