It can be tough to keep up with an ever-changing cycle of fashion trends, especially when they seem to come and go so quickly. Jewellery trends are no different, although a classic piece of fine jewellery tends to hold on to its appeal much longer than a must-have dress.

But sometimes a trend sneaks up on us that we can’t help but fall for. Coloured gemstones are always big news but the truth is that they have been gaining in popularity for the last couple of years. We've seen an increase in coloured stoned jewellery, especially in engagement rings, becoming more and more sought after.


Purple and blue hues are currently having a moment in the fashion spotlight, so think about inky sapphires and sparkling amethysts if you want to get involved. These gorgeous stones are long overdue some attention, and we think they make the perfect addition to your jewellery collection.

We're taking a closer look at the coloured stones that are in the spotlight this season, below.




Amethyst, with its purple hue, is the stone of Saint Valentine and a symbol of love, romance, and happiness. It varies in shade from transparent through distinctive violet to a rarer reddish-purple colour, although any shade of amethyst can be beautiful in the right setting.

Popular from ancient times, Romans studded their goblets with amethyst for its perceived anti-intoxicating properties. Now, it is appreciated for its beauty, colour, and associations with true love.




Amethyst is one of the more affordable gems due to reasonably plentiful supplies, although reddish-purple stones can be more expensive. Choose amethyst to stay ahead of this year’s ultra violet trend or express your unending love.




Sapphires have long been admired for their beautiful colour, and they come in a range of dazzling shades. In fact, you can find sapphires in every colour except red. (A red sapphire is, in fact, a ruby.)

Blue sapphires remain the most prized and the most often seen in jewellery. Sapphire is associated with wisdom and divinity and in many parts of the ancient world was believed to bring good fortune to the wearer and protect them from evil.




Sapphire is also a very hard stone that stands up to everyday wear. It comes in at nine on the Mohs scale (measure of hardness) with diamond the most durable at 10.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September and before the 20th century was the most popular stone for engagement rings. Choose sapphire for hard wearing fine jewellery that might bring you good luck.



One of the newest gemstones on the scene, Tanzanite was only discovered in 1967, but its strong violet-blue colour is rapidly becoming more popular. Tanzanite is a newly discovered form of the mineral zoisite and is found in only one place in the world, the Merelani Hills in Northern Tanzania.

Tanzanite is unique for the depth of its colour; it can radiate blue, violet, burgundy, and occasionally yellow. Deeper colours are more sought after and the fact that it is only produced in one place makes it incredibly rare.




The distinctive, bright colour makes this stone feel very contemporary, making it the perfect choice for everyday wear. Choose tanzanite if you want a show-stopping modern stone that brightens up any look.



Coloured gemstone engagement rings offer an opportunity to set your special ring apart from the crowd, with a stone that has a distinct hue and personality. Traditionally, coloured stones were set into gold bands, but an increasingly modern take on the trend is to choose white gold or platinum for a clean, modern finish.

Other popular coloured stones for engagement rings right now are rubies, emeralds, or even pink sapphires. The variety of coloured stones and ring styles is endless, allowing you to choose something that is completely and uniquely yours.

A romantic choice is a trilogy ring, with a larger coloured stone flanked by two diamonds. These rings represent the past, present, and the future making them a thoughtful choice for an engagement ring

Are you ready to embrace the coloured stone trend? Step into a Burrells store today to discover a wide range of coloured gemstone jewellery. We might just have your perfect shade.