And where to find them... Not only is it a sparkly new year but a whole new decade lies ahead, and when it comes to jewellery, watches, and all that glitters (which isn’t just gold, by the way) there’s a lot happening. Here at Burrells, we’re always keeping an eye out for the latest trends, so here’s our round-up of what’s to come in 2020 and beyond...

Mixed up

In recent years layered bracelets, bangles, and stacked rings have featured heavily and we're so excited to see that the mixed and layered looks are here to stay, with influencers and bloggers heavily featuring the layered necklace style. But this year will see a greater mixture of metals, like silver with rose gold and yellow gold (which so often gets overlooked). In terms of design, they’ll definitely be a more stripped back and minimalistic take on new collections. Jewellery has always had a personal take to it but there’ll be more chance to curate your own, individual style; layering, stacking and mixing metals for your own unique look.

Timeless pearls

Here at Burrells, we’re BIG fans of pearl jewellery and thanks to actress Emma Stone, pearls and pearl engagement rings will be featuring high on the list of bridal style. Pearls have forever been timeless but this will be their year to really show their opulence! Luxurious, iconic, and effortlessly elegant - just like this stunning yellow gold and pearl Shaun Leane ring and these gorgeous 9ct yellow gold cultured pearl stud earrings our from our own collection. image of gold ring in the style of a thorn bush with 2 pearls inbetween the thorns

The colour and the shape

Now, let’s talk colour and shape - over the past couple of years we’ve seen a lot of bold colours and styles creeping into jewellery lines and this year will be bigger and better. Think bold, statement necklaces, coloured stones and gems (such as beautiful, deep berry tones) and the double drop earrings, like these stunning textured earrings from our new Andi collection, will be making a dramatic appearance. image of a pair of gold earrings with 4 discs with a flattened gold effect

Back to the ’90s

Like all good trends, they come back in fashion and the ’90s is definitely having its time again. Oversized chain necklaces, chunky gold chokers, and Carrie Bradshaw-inspired necklaces will be gracing the ‘gram. Those all-important accessories that we knew in the ’90s will be making a comeback but with more of a stylish and sophisticated punch; the perfect way to accessorise - ‘90s-style.

The ones to watch

The brands to look out for this year are:

  • We couldn’t create a trend list without featuring our very own and simply stunning Ora Zodiac collection. Adding to the personalised jewellery trend with your own star sign encrusted in diamonds.
  • The House of Shaun Leane bring us these sleek, yet edgy style hook earrings in on-trend yellow gold. Dramatic, daring, and the perfect accessory to move smoothly from day to night.
  • Georg Jensen are making waves with mixed metals and jewellery that shares stories and sentiments in this simplistic Scandinavian design bracelet.

image of gold drop earrings with dramatic points

image of necklace in yellow gold with a flat disc on the end with diamonds in the shape of the zodiac

image of silver bracelet on a thin chain with 2 circular links in silver and rose gold

The watch list!

In our modern world a watch is no longer a necessity, thanks to technology, it is much more about style and making bold statements. Taking its lead from the runway we can expect lots of exciting new trends and styles over the coming year.


Following in fashion footsteps and jewellery trends, you’ll see mixed metals - coppers with muted colours on their dials, combining steel and yellow gold. Individuality is a key requirement for a watch so creating quirkier designs that have colour hands, clock dials or that move away from the more ‘classic’ watch look. It’s a year to break the mould and bring out your personality through your timepiece.

Back in time

There’s also the move back to more vintage-inspired timepieces too. Products with purpose that have an old-school look and feel with modern technology. Over the past few years, we’ve seen brands start to reintroduce older model watches with a newer functionality and create watches that nod back to events in history - like this Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch - capturing the Apollo 8’s pioneering spirit in the watch’s unique design.

Image of black watch with a textured face like the dark side of the moon and luminous green clock hands and buttons

Green with envy

When it comes to colour, there’s no shortage of watches in every shade and tone - and more notably the ocean blues, like this dramatic Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. But this year will see green stepping in and growing in popularity. As mentioned in WatchPro “Rolex has never shied away from using various hues of green over the years, most notably for Submariners that its enthusiasts have named the Hulk and the Kermit”. But it looks like other brands will be following in their footsteps.

image of royal navy blue watch with rose gold clock

Elevate the everyday

Many brands are now working on unifying their ranges and including an everyday piece that can sit perfectly with your day-to-day style. No longer a black-tie watch or a diving watch but an investment piece that can be worn every day; whatever the occasion. Make time to elevate your everyday style with a luxury watch that’s timeless.

The in-house movement

It’s no secret that watches are made up of hundreds of parts, and some of these are very specific and detailed and are often outsourced or imported from other companies that specialise in such parts. But, in a bid to gain more control over their timepieces, there’s a shift as brands start to bring all elements of craftsmanship under one roof - everything from the bracelet straps down to the dials. Creating a somewhat more unified and exclusive watch.

2020 is the year to elevate your everyday wear, layer with luxurious accessories, and curate a style that’s personal to you. Shop our watches and jewellery here.