Your ultimate guide to Pandora Rings: How to wear them and look after them

Rings, maybe more so than any other jewellery, are steeped in meaning, history and symbolism. Whether they are on the finger of a man or a woman, the stories they tell are of life-changing events, or simply a celebration of the everyday. Purchasing a ring for yourself or for someone you care about is the ultimate treat.

The tradition of rings goes deep into history. Depending where you are in the world, the meaning and symbolism varies for rings worn on different fingers and for different occasions. We are probably all most familiar with the engagement and wedding band. Do you know how it came about that wedding bands are worn on the fourth digit of the left hand? In the 16th and 17th centuries it was believed that a vein from that finger was linked directly to the heart. While modern medicine might dispute this belief, we love the romantic notion behind it!

Rings have not only been a sign of love but also power. Signet rings were worn traditionally by kings, queens and rulers, carrying the seal of royal assent. These rings were used to create a seal that passed documents into law.

We admire the beauty and simplicity of rings for their own sake too: throughout history they have been a way to simply adorn the fingers. As far back as 2500 BC, rings have been discovered in tombs, as a way to adorn and revere the deceased.

At Burrells we don’t think anyone should wait for someone else to buy them a ring. Everyone deserves to treat themselves from time to time! Pandora understands this and has a beautiful choice of rings that make the ideal treat for you. Read on to see the different options and to find out more about how to wear and care for your rings.



Whether the ring is a gift for someone else or a gift for yourself, Pandora has a wide selection of styles and types of rings to choose from. If you prefer the everyday look, or if you want something that makes a statement, Pandora has something for you.



Pandora boasts beautiful and on-trend collections of stacking rings, ideally worn in sets of three or four. Pandora stacking rings are a unique way of creating your own style and are a popular trend among celebrities. A bit like Pandora's bracelets, these rings are a unique way of telling your story. You can create your own look, and add as few or as many as you’d like. If you were to type ‘Pandora stacking rings’ into any search engine, you will be presented with a whole host of attractive combinations of rings, in all types of metals, with or without stones to suit any occasion.

This trend also lends itself to combinations of different metals, for example, Pandora Rose rings stack really well with silver rings for a two-tone fashion statement. The best bit about Pandora stacking rings is there are no rules! This makes them a great choice when buying jewellery for yourself, as you can build your collection over time, giving you greater variety of stacking combinations.



Pandora also has a delightful selection of statement rings that can mark anything from your significant milestones and birthdays through to a night out with the girls. What statement do you want to make?



The definition of an eternity ring is a band or a design that is continuous all the way around, whether that be through a repeated pattern or the stones. This ring traditionally represents love and commitment, making it a thoughtful and romantic gift for a loved one, or a fun indulgence for yourself as well.



It’s easy to see why the Pandora princess tiara rings are a popular choice! They are a beautiful choice to celebrate the wearer, for example, making for an affectionate gift from a father to daughter to cherish his little princess. They are also a perfect gift from you to you celebrating your unique beauty.



Pandora birthstone rings are a great way to honour birthdays. They are available in two different types: with a bauble band or smooth band. The birthstone rings are perfect for stacking, when paired with other silver or cubic zirconia bands, to frame and show off the birthstone.



Once you have found the perfect ring for you, you will want to care for this beautiful piece of jewellery. Although most jewellery will tarnish over time, caring for your Pandora ring will stop this happening faster. Coming into contact with perfume, salty air, sulphur, skin creams, hairspray and chlorine will cause oxidation.

  • When Not To Wear Your Pandora Ring
    We recommend that you avoid wearing your Pandora ring or rings whilst bathing, in bed or during sporting activities. It is best not to expose the ring to UV light, swimming pools and also not when using harsh cleaning products, such as bleach or ammonia.
  • How To Store Your Pandora Ring
    When you aren’t wearing your beautiful ring, you should store it away from natural sunlight and heat. Avoid leaving it in the bathroom as this is one of the worst places to store jewellery because of the water exposure and risk of accidentally falling down a drain.
  • Cleaning Your Pandora Ring
    You should use a polishing cloth on your ring regularly. You can also clean your ring using lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush, but don’t submerge the ring in water when cleaning.



Once you have chosen the type of ring, or rings, you want, it’s important to get the sizing right. You are making an investment and you want to make sure it’s a comfortable, lasting fit, that is perfect on your finger.

Here are some top tips to consider when sizing your ring:

  • The width of the band – with slim bands, you might find it will slip on easier over the knuckle and you can go down a size. With a wider band, you may need to go up a size to allow for comfort.
  • Size when stacking – the more rings that you start to add to one finger, the tighter it becomes, so that’s something to bear in mind if you know that you are looking to stack a particular ring. There is no harm in having that little bit of room to start with.
  • Temperature of your hands at the time – when you’re trying rings on and your hands are a little bit warmer than usual, you may find that they’ve expanded. That works the other way too; if they’re colder, they may shrink a little bit. So the best thing to do is try them in your own time at home. At Burrells, we offer a fantastic exchange policy, so you easily send the ring back to us if you have any doubts about the size.
  • Pandora Ring Sizes – Pandora uses European sizing, which ranges from size 48 to 60. If you happen to know a loved one’s sizing by lettering and want to buy a gift, call our friendly customer care team and they will help convert that sizing. If you are buying a ring as a gift, try and find a ring the person already owns and download the sizing guide from Pandora as a way of determining the size.

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