Pandora Me

Pandora Me is the most recent collection from Pandora and is designed to express your creativity, identity and passions. This range allows you to customise your jewellery by showing off the things you love in a colourful and symbolic way, across their range of bracelets, charms, earrings, necklace and safety pin brooch.

 Pandora Me Bracelet and Charms

Launched in October 2019, this is the smallest collection, both in size and range, featuring minimalist micro dangle charms and individual stud earrings, made from recycled sterling silver, colourful cubic zirconia and their own fun personalities. Initially designed for a younger audience, Pandora Me inspires creativity and invites a new generation to discover jewellery by expressing the things they love and giving them their own voice. 

The face of the Me collection is British actress, Millie Bobby Brown. The collection often features cool, casual campaign images featuring Millie wearing her favourite symbols and sharing her personal stories behind each of them, giving a fantastic example of a young woman who’s wearing her jewellery to reflect her as an individual.


Pandora Me has three bracelet styles to choose from, suitable for all customer types. The first is a brand new style to Pandora, the Pandora Me Link Bracelet, priced at £70. This design is made up of multiple links, with the three snake chain textured links opening up to fit the Pandora Me charms. Available in sizes 15cm, 17.5cm, 20cm and 23cm, this unique design is perfect for someone seeking something new and quirky.

Pandora Me Link Bracelet

The next style is your classic smooth design, the Pandora Me Snake Chain Bracelet, priced at £45. This particular bracelet is your typical Pandora look, apart from it being noticeably thinner and lighter than other Pandora collections, making it ideal for that younger customer base. This is the bracelet from this collection with the largest choice of sizes from 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm and 21cm.

Pandora Me Snake Chain Bracelet

Finally we have the Pandora Me Bangle, elegant and simplistic; this is an amazing choice to be worn alone or paired with some of your favourite Me charms. Very similar to the Pandora Essence range, this sleek bangle comes in the sizes 16cm, 18cm and 20cm and will appeal to those who prefer more subtle jewellery.

Pandora Me Bangle

The Pandora Me charms are all of the same petite size and are made up of a large variety of symbols. With up to 30 charms for you to choose from, there’s something for everyone with this collection, some examples being a moon, a horseshoe, a starfish, a flamingo, a music note and many more. The charms range in price from £10 to £19, making them affordable to mix and collect as your collections grows.

A lot of the charms are duplicated in the individual earring studs in the Pandora Me collection, allowing you to mix and match to create combinations that really reflect who you are. These also all come in a petite size, smaller than your normal stud, which makes them ideal for building up and combining as your own unique sets. All the singular studs are currently priced at £15 each, meaning a personalised pair of your choice is the amazing value of £30.

The newest jewellery addition to this range is the Pandora Me Link Necklace, launched in the Summer 2020 Collection. In the same style as the previously mentioned Link Bracelet, this sterling silver chain measures at 45cm and still allows you to add your favourite Me charms to the textured links, making it personal with a pop of colour.


The beauty of the Pandora Me Collection is that the different symbols can represent different emotions, memories and personalities for each individual wearing them. It’s a more fun and exclusive way to express yourself and your story, whilst also staying stylish and current.


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