Mixing Metals With Pandora Jewellery

Can’t decide which Pandora metal collection to collect and style? Tempted by both classic shining silver and the glamorous Pandora Shine, yet also in love with the luxurious Pandora Rose? No problem! A current jewellery trend inspiring our summer style is the idea of mixing your metals!

This isn’t just a trend for 2020, as the idea behind bringing these three metal colourings together can also be seen historically in the traditional Russian wedding ring. The three different metals are entwined together and are said to represent different qualities of love and marriage.

This shows how mixing your metals is more than just a fashion choice, but additionally contains some beautiful symbolism when the three elements are combined together.



Mixing your metals allows you to create your own cocktail of jewellery, and create a unique and sophisticated look to complement any outfit. Combining the natural colours and tones in silver, gold and rose jewellery gives you so much versatility when trying to make your jewellery an integral piece of your day to day fashion.

Mixed metals can contrast beautifully with a whole prism of different colours, and can be used to either make a bolder colour pop brightly on an outfit or alternatively achieve an understated elegance.

Pandora Gold and Silver jewellery look
PANDORA gold and silver jewellery look



Pandora is the perfect brand to explore mixing your metals with, as it has three gorgeous metal colours to choose from. Not only is Pandora an affordable luxury, but each metal has their own unique colouring, giving you endless options when it comes to creating your dream Pandora collection.

Effortlessly mix and match your Pandora metals through bracelets, rings, or necklace collections to suit any occasion, outfit or preference.

Firstly let’s take a closer look at what makes each of these metals special, and then we can explore how to combine them to create an effortless mixed metal look!



The original Pandora concept started with the classic silver metal, perfect for creating a neutral base to add to any colour scheme.

Silver has the unique quality of being able to frame and enhance any other colour, ensuring it is the perfect metal to pair with your favourite gemstones! It also goes with a wide variety of skin tones, so is the perfect original Pandora metal of choice!

Pandora Sterling Silver
Photo credit: Instagram –@alicedetogni



Pandora also wanted to bring the highly fashionable rose metal colouring to their jewellery and created the unique metal that is Pandora Rose.

The warmth that radiates from this colouring adds layers of soft and delicate elegance to your jewellery collection, and when paired with sparkling cubic zirconia, it can really be a show stopper!

Blogger wearing Pandora Rose
Photo credit: Instagram – @therubyreport



The most recent metal instalment from Pandora is the gorgeously glowing Pandora Shine! Designed to highlight the honey and sunlight qualities in gold, Pandora Shine is the perfect way to bring the illustrious gold colour to your fashion. Able to hold its own without any embellishment, the golden hues can also help bring colourful gemstones to life!

Pandora Shine rings, charms and bracelets
Photo credit: Instagram – @jemerced



Now that we’re familiarised with the incredible range of metals Pandora have to offer, it’s time to look at how to mix these collections to create unique and personalised looks perfect for your summer style.

It’s really no different to picking a metal and then a gemstone colour theme! Let’s start with a mix of metals already championed by Pandora, which is the contract of silver and gold colours known as two-tone.


Silver and Yellow Gold

Cool silver and fiery yellow gold come together to each pick up different accents of colour, and together they neutralise perfectly to create a multi-dimensional look and feel.

You don’t even need a 50/50 split of the colours, as sometimes just the delicate hint of another shade can completely bring the mixed metal look to life. We also love it when the natural clear sparkle of cubic zirconia is incorporated into the look.

Pandora gold and silver ring stack
Pandora Shine and silver ring stack
Photo credit: www.ohhcouture.com


Pandora gold and silver bracelets and charms
Pandora Shine and silver bracelets and charms


Pandora gold and silver bracelet
Pandora Shine and silver bracelet


Blogger wearing gold and silver Pandora jewellery
Blogger Lydia Elise Millen wearing gold and silver Pandora jewellery


Silver and Rose Gold

You can also create this luxurious two-tone effect with silver and rose, as once again the brightness of the silver helps cut through the warmer elements of the rose collection.

Adding silver can also help make your gemstones sparkle and shine! Pandora Rose and pink gemstones share a lot of the same colour tones, so can easily struggle to stand out when paired together. However, the whole look can be sharpened by simply adding a silver bracelet or some silver rings to a rose and pink collection! We love this look, and how mixing metals has created something extraordinary!

Pandora Rose and silver Pandora look
Rose gold and silver Pandora look
Photo credit: www.fashioncoolture.com


Pandora Rose, silver and pink bracelet
Pandora Rose, silver and pink bracelet


Pandora Rose and silver bracelets and rings
Pandora Rose and silver bracelets and rings



Mixing your metals can also help bring a colour scheme with your Pandora jewellery to a whole new level! Pandora is all about expressing your style through jewellery, so you can rock multi-metal tones and a whole rainbow of other colours if you wish.

Our best advice, however, would be to add one striking colour to your mixed metal collection, to complement and add that pop of magic sparkle to the overall look. There are so many choices which naturally look perfect with mixed metals!

Take silver and green for example; even though they work so well together, adding that pop of bright gold really finishes off the whole look and makes it look so luxurious. Additionally, the introduction of rose or gold to a silver and blue bracelet helps soften the look and enhances the deep blue shades.

We have been inspired by the below bracelets where metals have been mixed beautifully to complement the bolder colour schemes!

Pandora Shine and Green bracelet
Photo credit: @anunju71


Pandora Shine and purple bracelet
Photo credit: @anunju71


Pandora Shine and pink bracelet
Pandora Rose and pink charm bracelet



The ultimate combination is mixing all three metals together! This recipe of warm, soft, bright and unique metals creates a gorgeous jewellery effect. Pandora gives you the freedom to strip the metals back and create modest jewellery looks by stacking plain bangles or rings together for an understated approach.

Yet you are still free to jazz it up by embellishing your mixed metals with charms and gemstones to either add sparkle, texture or colour to your collection as well. With Pandora, the creative opportunities really are endless! Take a look at some of the looks we love!

Pandora Look

Pandora great looks
Photo credit: @anunju71



Of course, you can use any brand to mix and match your metals, but we absolutely LOVE PANDORA as due to its huge range of silver, rose and shine it gives us access to a whole plethora of jewellery choices! Go and be bold with your style this summer!



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