Caring for your Pandora Charm Bracelet

You could say that a Pandora charm bracelet is more than just a piece of jewellery to wear on your wrist. It’s highly personal, full of sentiment, and serves as a reminder of all the precious moments you’ve encountered during your life. It represents you and who you are. So surely this alone is enough to encourage you to care for it properly.

Fine jewellery is a precious possession and is essentially designed to last a lifetime. Provided you clean it regularly and store it carefully, you can preserve its integrity. With this in mind, here are some tips for maintaining your Pandora jewellery.



As a rule of thumb you should consider your jewellery to be the last thing you put on before leaving the house and the first thing you remove when coming back home. We recommend that your bracelet is never worn in the bath or shower, in bed, or when participating in sports. Also never leave your bracelet in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower. Exposure to certain chemicals and harsh environments can potentially damage your jewellery and these include deodorants, hair sprays, perspiration, silver polish, salt water, chlorine, and cleaning agents.



You may consider cleaning your bracelet as a bit of a chore, but just spending a few minutes of your time on a regular basis will help retain its sparkle and shine, keeping it looking as good as new.  For best cleaning practices here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Pour some mild soap into a bowl of warm water and use a soft bristle toothbrush to gently access all the tiny crevices and intricate details of your jewellery.
  2. If your Pandora bracelet is particularly dirty, soak it for around 10 minutes in warm, soapy water to remove dirt and grime.
  3. Remove from the water and pat it dry with a soft cloth.
  4. Finish with a sterling silver polishing cloth (available from your Pandora retailer or local jeweller) to remove any tarnish and bring back the shine.

Another method of cleaning silver jewellery involves an ultrasonic cleaner. This should really only be used on plain silver jewellery since the vibrations from the ultrasonic cleaner can loosen the settings on stone-set jewellery. In some cases they can also harm certain gemstones, so you do need to be careful. While the word ‘Ultrasonic’ may sound a little scary, provided you’ve got experience using the equipment, you should see good results.

Speaking about silver jewellery, it’s important to be aware that silver naturally tarnishes, so it really does need looking after. Make sure you moisturise, apply make-up, and spray perfume BEFORE putting on your bracelet. Also, consider storing it in an anti-tarnish pouch to protect it from heat in the home and any chemical particles which may be in the air. This includes residues from hairspray and deodorants.

Don’t panic if your Pandora bracelet appears to be tarnished (especially if you haven’t worn it for some time). The good news is that this isn’t permanent and your bracelet can be brought back to life with the use of a silver polishing cloth. Alternatively you can even pop into your local Pandora store or jewellers for some advice.

Pandora Rose collections require a little extra care to retain their unique shine and finish so follow the cleaning instructions above, but do not use a toothbrush. We recommend a chemical-free microfibre cloth to gently rub the surface with. In addition, using silver polishing liquids or a silver jewellery dip is a definite no! Finally, be aware that the warm pink hue may darken over time due to tarnishing which adds to it’s gorgeous vintage appeal. This is a perfectly natural process, so please don’t worry when it occurs.



When it comes to storage, your Pandora charm bracelet should be kept away from heat and natural sunlight. This can be achieved by putting it in a tarnish resistant pouch which you can get from most jewellers or Pandora retailers, or a lined jewellery box. You can even store it in a ziplock polythene bag.

Even though your bracelet will have been presented in a lovely white gift box, don’t be tempted to store it in this. The reason is that they’re not designed for long term storage because they’re not airtight. As a result tarnishing will take place over time.



Annual inspections are just as important because both gold and silver are soft metals and will show signs of wear as time goes on. Depending on how often you wear your Pandora bracelet we’d suggest that you get it checked over at least once a year by your local Pandora store or jeweller. Think of it as a sort of MOT for your bracelet. The jeweller will check to see that all clasps, mounts, and soldering are all intact.

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