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The Definitive Guide to Men's Jewellery Styling

When it comes to men's fashion, the right piece of jewellery can elevate an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. At Burrells, we understand that discerning gentlemen seek not just accessories, but statements of style and elegance.

Here’s our guide to mastering the art of men’s jewellery, curated for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Men’s Rings: Timeless Elegance

Men’s rings epitomise refined elegance, whether as traditional wedding bands or bold statement pieces. Crafted from the finest materials like platinum and gold, each ring boasts intricate details and exquisite gemstones, elevating your ensemble to new heights of sophistication.

Wedding Bands for Men:

Classic Platinum: The epitome of luxury, platinum wedding bands offer a sleek and timeless appeal. Their durability and resistance to tarnish make them a perfect symbol of enduring love.

Gold Varieties: From yellow to white and rose gold, choose a hue that complements your skin tone and other accessories. Opt for designs that incorporate subtle textures or inlays for added sophistication.

Statement Rings for Men:

Gemstone Rings: Emeralds, sapphires, or diamonds set in platinum or gold can make a powerful statement. Wear these on your right hand to balance the elegance of your wedding band.

Designer Rings: Modern designer rings from luxury brands can feature custom engravings, intricate designs, or unique gemstones. These rings offer a personal touch and can be worn on any finger to enhance your ensemble with sophistication and individuality.

Men's Rings at Burrells

Men’s Bracelets: Subtle Sophistication

A bracelet is a subtle yet sublime statement of sophistication. Choose from impeccably designed gold and silver cuffs or embrace the allure of meticulously crafted leather bracelets, each piece exuding an air of understated luxury that resonates with the discerning gentleman.

Metal Bracelets for Men:

Gold and Silver Cuffs: Simple yet elegant, a well-crafted cuff can add a touch of class. Choose designs with minimalistic engravings or embedded gemstones for a refined look.

Chain Bracelets: Opt for heavy, high-quality links in gold or silver. These can be worn solo or paired with a luxury watch for a cohesive style.

Leather Bracelets for Men:

Leather Wraps: High-quality leather offers a rugged yet sophisticated charm. Ensure they are well-maintained to preserve their luxurious appearance.

Men's Bracelets at Burrells

Men’s Necklaces: Understated Luxury

Men’s necklaces offer a whisper of opulence, adding a touch of refined luxury to any look. Select from delicate gold and platinum chains or personalised pendants, each piece a testament to understated elegance that speaks volumes.

Men’s Chains:

Gold and Platinum Chains: A simple, thin chain worn under a shirt can exude elegance without being overly ostentatious. For a bolder statement, thicker chains with intricate links can be worn over a dress shirt.

Pendants: Opt for pendants with personal significance, crafted from precious metals or featuring gemstones. Keep designs understated to maintain a sophisticated aesthetic.

Men's Necklaces at Burrells

Men's Earrings: The Finishing Touch

Men’s earrings are the epitome of distinction, adding a final flourish to a cultivated ensemble. From classic studs to intricate designs, crafted from precious metals like gold and platinum, each pair embodies the essence of sophistication, completing your look with unparalleled finesse.

Men’s Earrings

Precious Metals: Gold, silver, or platinum earrings add a refined touch to any look. Opt for designs featuring subtle engravings, or 9ct yellow gold earrings.

Men's Earrings at Burrells

Styling Tips for Men’s Jewellery

Balance and Proportion: Ensure your jewellery complements your overall look without overwhelming it. A statement ring can be balanced with a simple watch, while bold cufflinks pair well with a classic tie bar.

Match Metals: Keep the metals consistent across your jewellery for a harmonious look. Mixing metals can be stylish if done thoughtfully but requires careful consideration.

Occasion Appropriateness: Tailor your jewellery choices to the occasion. Subtle pieces for business settings, while more elaborate designs can be reserved for formal events or evening outings.


Men's jewellery is not just an accessory but an extension of one's style and personality. At Burrells, we offer a curated selection of high-end jewellery that embodies sophistication and luxury. 

Visit our Men's Jewellery collection to discover pieces that resonate with your discerning taste and elevate your personal style.