It is only appropriate for an iconic aircraft such as the Concorde, to be the inspiration for an equally show-stopping timepiece such as the Bremont Supersonic. This award-winning luxury British watch brand introduces its eighth historical limited-edition timepiece with this masterful watch design, created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Concorde and celebrate its place in aviation history.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Bremont brand, co-founders Nick and Giles English started manufacturing mechanical watches at Henley-on-Thames in 2002, only one year before the Concorde’s official farewell flight in 2003.

The brothers invested in a new UK based Parts Manufacturing Facility in 2014, which allowed them to produce their own case and movement components. From here Bremont was able to establish themselves in the top handful of chronometer producers in the world, allowing innovative luxury watches such as the Supersonic model to be born.



The iconic Concorde certainly stood out in the world of civil air transport with her distinctive silhouette and unmistakable roar of 4 Rolls-Royce Olympus engines, making her instantly recognisable when passing overhead.


Concorde_ sunset takeoff _2_


Her characteristic ‘Slender Delta’ wing had a sweptback curve that was moulded from one solid piece of aluminium. The wing of a traditional subsonic aircraft would have over 50 movable devices, yet the Concorde had none. Instead, the aircraft had 6 trailing edge ‘elevons’ which reduced drag and increased strength. Another distinguishing feature was her aerodynamic, 24-foot long needle-shaped nose that could be ‘drooped’ down to one of two positions, improving pilot’s visibility of the runway and taxiway.

Supersonic flight meant that Concorde was subjected to extreme thermodynamic pressures, causing the airframe to heat up and stretch up to 11 inches. Due to this vast expansion, special highly reflective paint was developed and was also taken into consideration when laying the cabin’s carpets.

Travelling faster than a rifle bullet, at a supersonic speed of Mach 2 (Mach 1 is the speed ratio of an aircraft equal to the speed of sound) over 2.5 million British Airways passengers experienced flying at twice the speed of sound. The Concorde was the world’s longest-serving supersonic civilian aircraft, breaking records while demonstrating both beauty and engineering brilliance.



Fittingly the Bremont brand was established with the principles of aviation and military, British engineering and adventure. All key aspects adopted in the design and visionary production of the ground-breaking Concorde.

The Bremont Supersonic is due to be released in three variations:


The Supersonic Stainless Steel (Limited to 300 pieces)

Supersonic SS - Front



The Supersonic Rose Gold (Limited to 100 pieces)

Supersonic RG - Front


The Supersonic White Gold (Limited to 100 pieces).

Supersonic WG - Front

The influence of the Concorde can be discovered throughout all three variations of this model, and many of the watch’s features offer tribute to design elements and visionary aspects of this ground-breaking aircraft.

Firstly, the sunburst white metal dial represents the highly reflective paint specially developed for the innovative aircraft. This is complemented by the second-hand subdial, for at the 6 o’clock position, a subtle motif of the Concorde’s iconic silhouette can be found. Finally, the blue steel hands and blue Connolly leather strap on the Supersonic Stainless steel, resemble that of the British Airways blue found on Concorde’s famous livery.


Blog CTA - Bremont Supersonic


In their special partnership with British Airways, Bremont was gifted aluminium from a Concorde aircraft to incorporate into the unique ‘Bremont Supersonic’ timepieces. This metal was taken from the third Concorde to be added to the British Airways fleet, the G-BOAB Concorde, endearingly known as Alpha Bravo.

This illustrious aircraft was registered in 1974, and by 1984 she had completed an airliner distance record, with a 4,565-mile flight from Washington to Nice which at the time was quite extraordinary. The aluminium taken from Alpha Bravo was used to create a specially crafted metal ring that surrounds the modified calibre.

This unique ring is machined with the main attributes of the ground-breaking aircraft:


Bremont 8492


• Number (208) and registration (G-BOAB)

• Years of active service (1976-2000)

• Number of supersonic flights (6,688)

• Top speed (MACH 2.05)

These details truly honour the original Concorde and lock the memory of the famous Alpha Bravo into a new piece of intricate craftsmanship. To have this piece of history built into these watches is an incredibly poignant feature of the collection, and perhaps the most beautiful way to connect the Bremont Supersonic to the Concorde.



Where the Concorde was an innovation in aviation, the Bremont Supersonic represents a new venture in Bremont’s movement manufacturing. The Supersonic features the first ever manual wind movement for Bremont, which details a calibre BE-11M, rated at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour.

Equally as impressive is the 8-day power reserve, with the indicator present at 12 o’clock on the dial for great visualisation. 


Bremont Supersonic8376_B


Additionally, the prestigious Concorde silhouette is incorporated into this movement, as a reminder for the inspiration behind this exceptional timepiece. The casing will be made with the Bremont Trip-Tick® construction and measure at 43mm in diameter.

The Limited edition Bremont Supersonic comes packaged in a purpose-built Concorde inspired box, with part of the proceeds from these unique timepieces being donated to the Air League Trust.

Bremont Supersonic Packaging

This organisation works with British Airways to support its employment programme ‘Inspire’, which enables young people to learn how to fly. This exclusive box is a sleek and majestic way to safely store the Supersonic and serves as a visual reminder of the history being honoured by Bremont.

The Bremont Supersonic is very exclusive, as only a certain number have been made worldwide. If you would like to view this watch in person or try it on, our watch experts in store would love to assist you. Book an appointment here.

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If you would like to see the Bremont Supersonic in high definition, please watch our video here: